The Ultimate Fighting Compilation is available soon

BANDAI NAMCO Games Nordic AB announced today that the « Fighting Edition » will be smashing its way to fighters’ favourite retailers soon! As the creator of two of the biggest and most famous fighting-game licenses ever made, BANDAI NAMCO Games is proud to give to all players’ in Nordic and Netherlands a chance to become the strongest of all fighters on TEKKENTM 6, TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENTTM 2 and SOULCALIBURTM V! This banging bundle will be available January 16th  in The Netherlands and January 30th in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland on PlayStation 3 priced at only 19.99 Euro.

3 critically acclaimed games for an incredible price: that’s the massive bargain all gaming lovers will enjoy! Technical prowess, prepared mind and solid combos are the requirements to master this bundle:

·         TEKKEN TM  6: gorgeous graphics and destructive environments, largest character roster ever, a brand new action game mode and a grand online mode!

·         TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENTTM 2: multiplayer match, pair play, massive playable roster, new stages benefiting from the environmental FX and tons of offline/online features

·         SOULCALIBURTM V: a master assassin in the person of Ezio Auditore available, A new chapter following the story of Patroklos, Multiple & Dynamic fighting styles and an amazing online mode to face off against the competition