Two new brands & bikes revealed for RIDE


Milestones.r.l., Italy’s premier developer of videogames for console and PC, and world leader in the development of videogames dedicated to the world of motorcycling,reveals the fourthNakedbike with the introduction of the TriumphSpeed Triple, available in RIDE. Milestone’s first ever proprietary IP (Intellectual Property) – due to launch this spring 2015 on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system, Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Windows PC, Steam, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4.

TRIUMPH SPEED TRIPLE: Lighter, more precise, and more powerful than ever, with an even wilder look. The Speed Triple has the perfect attitude for the city, an aggressive presence, and true sportbike performance. A unique combination of high-quality suspension, powerful brakes, light weight, exceptional handling, and plenty of power right where you need it for a perfect sportbike riding experience on the streets. The power of the Speed Triple comes from its muscular three-cylinder 1050 cc engine, capable of unleashing 135 hp and a maximum torque of 111 Nm, with excellent acceleration even at low revs.The thrust is instantaneous, whatever the revs or gear. Furthermore, thanks toTriumph’s advanced fuel injection, all this incredible power is delivered smoothly and continuously, just when you need it.(For further information, visit:

RIDE:Milestone’s development studios in Italy are back at work, doing what they do best. The developers are tearing up the rulebook and bringing a raft of new ideas to the table. These are the developers who have become synonymous with the world of virtual racing. Created for the players and building on the experiences of the serried ranks of bike fans, the new IP offers players the chance to ride over 100 bikes, in 4 different categories – Superbikes, Supersports, Naked, and Historical Bikes – and take them hurtling at full speed over a huge variety of city, country and historic circuits from the world of motorcycling. RIDE offers unprecedented levels of vehicle and rider customisation, presenting players with a vast array of options to keep gameplay fresh and exhilarating over the long term. The RIDE experience will accompany players and riders alike on the long road of the true motorcyclist.

RIDE is currently in development at the Milestone studios in Italy. It will be available in spring 2015 published by Milestone for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC®, Steam, PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4.