Hounds: The Last Hope Kills and Fails Video Contest

Hounds #KillsAndFails

Netmarble EMEA is excited to announce a YouTube video contest for Hounds: The Last Hope players! It’s time to display your gaming and directorial talents to the whole world. Players must create their best kills and fails video in order to enter the contest with a Grand Prize waiting for the best video!

Players competing can gain some inspiration from popular YouTube gaming personality, Ali-A. As on Friday 15th May he will be releasing a Hounds: The Last Hope video on his YouTube channel

Players have two weeks to enter the Kills and Fails Video Contest, in which many videos have already been shared on social media.

Video Submission Date: From May 15th to May 31st, 2015

Vote for Top 5 Videos: From June 8th – June 11th, 2015

Announcement of Winners: June 12th, 2015

What are the prizes?
Winners will receive two different prizes; cash and in-game bundles. The Grand Prize winner will receive 3.000€.

Also there are incredible rewards for 2nd and 3rd placed players. The first runner-up reward will be Grand Wickbroke Armor Set and any type of Legendary Weapon of their choice. The second runner-up reward is a Unique Armor Set based on the player’s class and any type of Unique (Tier 2) Weapon that they desire.

All participants will also receive a reward, the Blue Flame SMG 6 Random Box Pack.

How to enter the contest?
It’s very simple. Create a video in Hounds: The Last Hope, and demonstrate your gaming talents throughout video. The concept is “Kills and Fails”.
Players who enter for “Kills” must play wisely and carefully. Using imagination and showing off the best kill scenes, and fantastic gameplay. Alternatively players can send in-game “Fails”, catching the funniest moments in Hounds. As if that’s not enough, players can create their own funniest moments – it may be difficult, but every game has this kind of moment. Find it and make a video.

Here are the criteria:
1.    Upload your video to YouTube
2.    Use provided title, description and tags for your video
3.    Add Hounds Facebook, Hounds Twitter and registration link in your description
4.    Your video must be max 5 minutes length
5.    Set your video as Public
6.    Do not use sexual, racist, religion, politics
7.    If you want to add contents not relevant with Hounds, be sure that they are not violating copyright rules

Note:  Grand prize winner will be chosen based on 500 relevant YouTube video views.

Note: You must use the intro and outro to your video that can be found here:

YouTube Contents (You have to use these contents.)
Use following title for your video:

Hounds: The Last Hope Kills and Fails Video Contest – (Nickname)

Use following description for your video:
Hounds: The Last Hope Kills and Fails Video Contest
This video about (Kills or Fails – type your video content) in Hounds: The Last Hope.
Hounds Registration Link:
Hounds Facebook Link:
Hounds Twitter Link:

Use following tags for your video:
Hounds, Hounds The Last Hope, The Last Hope, Gaming Contest, Hounds Contest, Gaming, Video Gaming, Games, Video Games, TPS, MMOTPS, MMO, BUFF, Reborn, Netmarble EMEA

Where to send your YouTube link?
If you complete follow rules successfully, you are finally ready to enter the contest. Send your video to Netmarble EMEA via the registration form:

The key aspects are creativity and entertainment. How far can you go to reach the Grand Prize 3000€?

Note: Players under the age of 18 are unpermitted to enter the contest.