Tyttö nimeltä Varpu järjestetään joukkorahoitettu Golden Globe-kampanja

INDIEGOGO campaign for LITTLE WING is launched

The production company Making Movies Ltd is running with their latest feature LITTLE WING to become a candidate for the Best Foreign Language Film -category at the Golden Globes! Making Movies is also the production company behind THE FENCER.

And we just launched LITTLE WING TO GLOBES – campaign at!

LITTLE WING is a film about women made by women. So with this campaign we also want to send a very important message : the world needs more stories told by women.

As we well know, campaigning in Hollywood needs resources, but the movie is so good, that we honestly have a chance to get the nomination.

The thing is, we can´t do this alone. Support us and spread the word!

Have a lovely day,
Making Movies Ltd & Team Little Wing